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Sunday, 17 March 2013
Assigment #2


Director of Running Man

Ji Hye Jin
 Hye jin is a Director who create the famous game show in Korea , Running Man. This program Running Man is known in Asia since three years ago from the first episode until now is episode 137 because of the members of running man and their guest mostly from the popular artist and the most important is the game's concept that they played very creative and entertaining. What can I describe about Jo Hye Jin is, all the games in Running Man game show directed by him is very superb creative and out of mind viewer because that games makes the audience thinks or make audience can't wait to know the last games or mission.

The Creative Games :

 Virus Elimination

There is just one player vs all other players. They know that. They know who. The one player just needs to catch all other players. The other players must do a mission like finding 5 crowns in an area or something simular. There are no tags on their back but you can put tags on. you can put a red "virus tag" on the back. As soon as the one player "the Virus" catches another player (touches them) that player gets infected. He has to allow the Virus to put a Virus tag on his back. Now the infected player must help the Virus in hunting down the others of the team. You can see that he switched sides if you see his back with the red virus tag. The infected players cannot infect other players but they can help the virus to track down other players, to lure them in traps or to hold them until the Virus touches them. However, if the other players can rip off a virus tag of an infected player, that player is free again. There is an absolute rule: every order of the Virus must be followed by infected players. you cannot betray the Virus. you must help him as long as you are infected.Game ends if all are infected or if they succeed in the mission. (example: find all the crowns)

My Guardian Angel

8 players. (if needed add guests to make it exactly 8.) Members are told to be quiet and not talk. There are 8 papers. on 4 papers is written "win the game" and on the other four "be the guardian angel of another member." Now they are seperated without talking or revealing whats written on their papers. Now the names of the 4 members who have to win the game are randomly given to the 4 guardian angels (staff picks them randomly). Now 4 of the 8 players dont want to win but no one knows which of them are those guardian angels. You have to assume that everyone is a "i must win" player but in fact there are 4 hidden guardian angels that are partners of each of the 4 players who need to win. Sounds a bit complicated but fun because the 4 players dont know for sure WHO their guardian angel is and who is a rival or enemy guardian angel.

Golden Piggy Game

the golden piggies from the first episodes are hidden in the area. Each piggy has some Running in it and you have to find as many of them as you can. 1 hour time limit. In the end, you count all the running from the piggies each member found and the member with most Running wins. Winner gets a prize. Also, there are tags of all members hidden in the area. if you find a tag of a member you can eliminate that member by putting the tag on its back. If a member is eliminated he is out and it doesnt matter how much running that person has. Therefore, even if you have a huge lead, when your tag is put on your back you are out and lost. Also, if you find your own tag you are supersave if you hide it well from the others



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